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Fort Moultrie is a unique historic site, located on Sullivan\'s Island on the north side of the entrance to Charleston Harbor. Here the history of US coastal fortifications may be traced back to the American Revolution, and the fort was part of the drama leading up to the firing of shots on Fort Sumter at the opening of the American Civil War.

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Fort Moultrie is part of the Fort Sumter National Monument. There is no ferry service between the two Forts.

The National Park Service has organized the site so that visitors can learn about the changes in coastal fortifications over time.

There is an extensive collection of canon, but limited interpretative material is provided.

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The first fort at the site was built during the Revolutionary War from Palmetto logs, which proved to be very effective protection against the artillery of the time, and gave the state of South Carolina its nickname "The Palmetto State".

A "First System" fort was built on the site in 1798. This fort was destroyed by a hurricane in 1804. In 1809, a brick "Second System" fort was built on the site. This fort would be little changed through the American Civil War, and then was modernized extensively in the 1870s and 1880s. Further moderizations would be made through the end of WWII, when coastal fortification was finally abandoned as a defense strategy.

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