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Small mortar on display in Barber's Wheatfield, representing a British piece.


Monument to General Morgan


Monument to Thaddeus Kosciuszko at the Nielsen Farm.


Nielsen farmhouse. Not a reconstruction, the NPS estimates that 30-40% of this building is original. The porch is not original, but a later addition.


The fortified position overlooking the Hudson River. Continental Artillery in this position effectively blocked the River Road, Burgoyne's path south to Albany.


Unnamed monument to Benedict Arnold at Breymann's Redoubt


Country home of General Philip Schuyler in Saratoga (now Schuylerville) New York. Third house on the site, built in 1777. The second house was burned by the British when they retreated after losing the second Battle of Saratoga. The house is located on US 4 about 7 miles north of the battlefield, and is open to the public.


Saratoga Monument, located in Victory, New York near the site of the final encampment of Burgoyne's forces before the surrender. 150' tall, there is a stairwell to the top. The location is not far from the Schuyler Mansion.


View of the boardwalk through Victory Woods.


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