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The Battle of Bennington was a key moment in the sequence of events that led to the Battles of Saratoga in September and October of 1777.

The actual battle took place just east of Walloomsac, New York.

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The park is part of the New York State Park system; there is no entry fee. A short road leads to two parking lots. The lower parking lot is adjacent to a small picnic area and an unstaffed building with some interpretative materials The upper parking lot is at the top of the hill. Several monuments and some interpretative material are present.

The actual locations of the earthworks are difficult to identify, and the upper parking lot certainly impinges on the battlefield area.

It is difficult to tell whether the state does not own all the relevant battlefield land, or whether they do own it but have not attempted to provide access and interpretation. Certainly, the approach taken at the top of the hill is a thoroughly obsolete one.

The park is normally unstaffed. Handicapped access is not unreasonable. Bathroom facilities are provided in the form of porta johns, with a separate hand wash station. There is no food service of any kind.

The famous Bennington Battle Monument is some 10 miles away. It is located on what is supposedly the site of the storehouses that Burgoyne intended to raid.

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Burgoyne\'s forces, moving south along the line of Lake Champlain and the Hudson River, were seriously short of supplies. A mixed force of some 700 troops from the British army, lead by Lieutenant Colonel Friedrich Baum, was sent south east to raid what was supposed to be a weakly defended group of storehouses in Bennington, Vermont. The British were not aware that some 1,500 Colonial Militia lead by General John Stark and Colonel Seth Warner were prepared to defend Bennington.

Stark\'s scouts encountered Baum\'s advancing force on August 14th. Stark\'s men destroyed a bridge while retreating to delay Baum. Stark then moved his forces forward from Bennington, setting up a defensive line. Battle was delayed in large part due to a steady rainfall. Baum set up a small redoubt at the crest of a hill while waiting for reinforcements; Stark also waited for reinforcements.

On August 16th, the rainy weather cleared. Baum\'s force had increased with the arrival of 100 loyalists, and a force of 550 more British troops were on the way under the command of Breymann. Stark had received additional forces bringing his total to nearly 2000.

Baum had attempted to defend too large a position, and Stark\'s forces easily flanked him, causing the Loyalists and Indians to flee, isolating the dismounted Brunswick Dragoons on the crest of the hill. After sharp fighting, they would surrender. While Stark\'s forces were attempting to handle the surrender, Breymann\'s reinforcements would arrive and attack. Stark\'s forces were starting to give way when Warner\'s Green Mountain Boys arrived, turning the tide. Breymann would retreat and rejoin Burgoyne\'s main army, having lost about 1/4 of his forces.

British losses were notably more severe than Colonial losses; british losses were recorded as 207 dead and 700 captured, by comparison with 30 Colonials killed and 70 wounded.

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